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The Alderville First Nations Black Oak Savanna Ecology Centre is now open and home to many of the workshops and events held to promote the importance of this fragile ecosystem.

Programs and resources for schools

    1.Field trips to the Alderville Black Oak Savanna – by appointment
    2.Teacher resources – booklets, posters and pamphlets
    3.A series of Illustrated in-class talks is being developed and, as resources become available to us, we will be able to assist your students with their environmental studies.

Please contact Daphne Paszterko for more information


Tall Grass Prairie Restoration Site Tours - Tour Information

The Black Oak Savanna/Tallgrass Prairie is a fragile place where restoration management and ongoing studies are being conducted. There are also private residences located within the boundaries of the preserve. We welcome visitors from outside the community but ask that you do so with our supervision.

To arrange for a visit to the Alderville preserve which is open for tours from May to November, please call first. We will provide a guide to accompany your group through the site. There is a very reasonable fee for this service which directly supports the community’s efforts in staffing and maintaining trails and facilities.

The rate for the two to three hour tour on 3 km of trails is $100.00 for groups of less than 10 or $10.00 per person for groups larger than 10 people. We also recommend the purchase of the companion publication “To Know This Place” to better inform you of the many interesting facets of the preserve.

To book a tour, to order the publication contact us for further information